iOS App — Q4 2019

t r a c k    a n y t h i n g    y o u     c a n    i m a g i n e

About Eternize App

Eternize is a social app designed for tracking literally any kind of life activity or experience in the most convenient way. The app uses advanced algorithms to run analytics on user data, so the user can check out the full picture and compare to people who experience similar things.
15,000  e x p e r i e n c e   t y p e s
1,197  c a t e g o r i e s
3,000  T w i t t e r   f o l l o w e r s

Track anything you can imagine

Track and share all things you experience through your life, from epic achievements to minor steps and see your progress over time.

Post experiences from social activities, share your travels adventures, or log your dearest memories –– make all events of your life shine and make together a full picture of your personality without any limits.

Get the full picture

Deeply analyze data of your progress in every area of life.

Choose among 15,000 activity types with individual icons and share your inspirational actions with your friends or post privately to keep memories for yourself.

Track your progress in everything you are involved in, and view graphs that would display your current priorities.

Compete in anything

Compare your progress in any area to other people.

Get rank by involving in your specialty and view leaderboards to see your place compared to others.

Invite other people who are passionate about same things for a real challenge and improve each other!

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